Customer Centricity

A BRAND CHAMPION is a person we can rely upon to represent everything important about our company, they are that person who could attend any meeting regarding our company and never let you down. The big question is “How many Brand Champions do you have?”

Customer centricity is the key to creating BRAND CHAMPIONS and refers to the orientation of a total company to focus on the needs and behaviours of its customers, rather than only the internal drivers (such as the quest for short term profit). Putting customer focus at the heart of everything you do, in order to achieve intense customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key steps to implementing a customer centric model and achieving customer centricity for the business:

  • Identify who your customers are
  • Find out what your customers want
  • Design your customer and sales process around the needs of the customer
  • Train your employees
  • Put in place performance metrics and measure customer feedback

The emphasis of all our training is to help the delegates or team establish a new standard that differentiates them from the competition. When our standards of service are superior, even when we make mistakes, our customers will forgive us as our level of performance still outshines our competition.

The delegates will learn about:

• What it takes to become A BRAND CHAMPION for your company
• Giving your customer the “pickle” and the 4 foundations of customer service
• The creation of standards of customer service at every level of our operation
• The need for internal and external focus for service
• Defining a value proposition for our customers
• The art of creating “Flawless Execution” at every level within the organisation