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How to Develop Personal Integrity

What you say and do in the workplace has a tremendous impact on whether “others” want to work with you, will trust you or will even listen to you.

Our experience has taught us many dynamics that will make you more ‘attractive’ to work with; here are a few to consider.

  1. Genuinely greet people in the morning.
  2. Ask questions and listen.
  3. Show concern to matters other than just work.
  4. Make an effort to visit your colleagues and don’t assume they will come to you.
  5. Never have a cell phone in your hand when talking to someone.
  6. Never leave your cell phone on a table while engaging with others.
  7. Never allow yourself to be sidetracked or interrupted by others.
  8. Be conscious of where your relationship is with others; don’t rush into familiarity too quickly. Wait to be invited.
  9. Keep your conversation directed to that person you are engaging and not others.
  10. Ask others for their opinion and listen.
  11. Ask others what you could do for them to make them more productive.
  12. Always deliver what you promise.
  13. Apologise when you make a mistake.
  14. Never make someone look foolish in front of others.

Written by John Ingram, Director of The HiSide Group/Beyond Teambuilding

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