New andFresh

Bubble Mania / Soccer

With bubble bump protective gear, we guarantee lots of bumping and even more laughter. The bumping, rolling, and excitement starts as soon as the whistle blows. This is not a traditional game of soccer. There are no off-sides, penalty kicks, or direct kicks of any kind. Please also remember this is a game and meant to be “fun.”

Always remember to play responsibly!  Go ahead, get your “Bump On”!

Level Up

Tech Innovation

Delegates are randomly split into teams.

The MAD SCIENTIST MC will brief the teams of what is expected from each team to complete the Tech Innovation Challenge. Teams will have to complete various scientific experiments effectively and conclusively before they gain a part of the building manual. Teams will have to work closely together. Planning, communication, delegation, and execution is KEY…

Constant innovation is needed to create and complete the final BUILD.

Get Dirty

Gladiator Challenge

We drift back in time and celebrate one of civilisations great events. Live for the Colosseum, one day only! Your team of Gladiators will dress up and play their role in a Roman festival of competition. Engage in classic duals, race your self made chariots, take on your manager at sword fighting…it’s all part of a competitive, fun day. All the events have been designed to minimize the dangers of injury and it’s all about the fun and being that ultimate Gladiator.

Be Inspired

War Games

You and your teammates will be subject to challenging physical activity-based lessons, involving team dynamics and problem solving. While WAR GAMES is a physical program, activities are tailored to different fitness levels within your team. Activities include basic training, tactical survival, code breaking and hostile interrogation. Activities have a strong emphasis on time management, communication and trust. Teams will compete against each other in attempts to move through the ranks and eventually become the highest ranked unit of the day. There will be sweat, there will be anguish and there will be physical challenges that will push your team to their personal limits. We want to see how you will cope under the pressure of our WAR COMMANDOS (instructors).

Animation Station

PIXAR has got nothing on your team. Get creative and design a clay animation movie that will blow the other teams out of the water! Camera, clay, lighting, props and you’re away.

Let Me Entertain You

Million Rand Moola Drop

The hottest game show on television is coming to a conference near you! One million rand is yours, now all you have to do is try and keep it… themed to your liking, teams will attempt to keep the million through a series of intense questions.

Find Your Rhythm

Need For Speed

Design and build your very own push cart from a skeleton chassis. And then race it with pit lanes and all. Dress up, paint, build and bring your creativity and energy. This teambuild has it all.

Make A Difference

Quad-Bike Challenge

Ever been on a quad bike? Not like this you haven’t! Teams are faced with numerous challenges to be performed in relay fashion on your teams’ quadbike. Blindfolded drive-by’s with paintball guns being one of the easiest of the tasks. We’ve taken the mundane quadbike teambuild to the next level. Are you ready for it?

Level Up

Music Video Re-creation

Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, Thriller… all great Music Videos have several things in common: Great energy, spirit, dedication and something crazy and slightly insane. Now it’s your turn to re-create one of these influential music videos!

Get Dirty

Beyond Adrenalin

Deep in the heart of Magaliesburg the blood pumps faster, burns brighter and is enriched with life! How daring are you? How hard will you fight to put your life on the line but your team first? We will put your team to the test! Challenges will need to be completed before Zip lines, Bridge swinging and tight rope walking can be completed on this one of a kind adventure circuit.

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