Million Rand Moola Drop

The hottest game show on television is coming to a conference near you! One million rand is yours, now all you have to do is try and keep it… themed to your liking teams will attempt to keep the million through a series of intense questions.

In It 2 Win It

Ten or more challenges using basic household items. 60 seconds on the clock. Your team has a minute to win it! This activity can be combined with many other teambuilds such as a Potjie Challenge or Lego Build It, but is equally as brilliant as a night time function in between meal courses.

Animation Station

PIXAR has got nothing on your team. Get creative and design a clay animation movie that will blow the other teams out of the water! Camera, clay, lighting, props and you’re away.

Pop Stars / Who’s Got Talent?

Just like the famous TV show Pop Idols, contestants will have to battle it out at the “AUDITIONS”, with a limited amount of time to warm up their voices and practice their song chosen from our endless Karaoke list of music. More than one person can participate at a time in the form of a duet provided they “SURPRISE” the audience.

Movie Maker

This project based event is designed to ensure the delegates are kept busy, have fun, but most importantly, learn from their experience. Everyone plays an important role in the creation of your masterpiece movie. It’s all about being creative, directing, planning, coordinating, laughing and being unique. The evening can end with a “glamorous” Oscars evening where the playbacks are shown along with a “bloopers package”.

Music Video Re-creation

Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, Thriller… all great Music Videos have several things in common: Great energy, spirit, dedication and something crazy and slightly insane. Now it’s your turn to re-create one of these influential music videos! 

Day At The Races

Let us entertain your guest with an evening of fun racing. Each table will own their own “horse or turtle”, and will appoint a jockey or a number of jockeys to compete through the evening. Interactive racing will allow your delegates to manage their stable, manage their jockeys and manage their bets as they bet on not only their own horses but any other horse that they think would be a favourite to win the races…

Theatre Sports

Theatre Sports is an exciting new teambuild which gets teams to step out of their shells. It starts off with a quick talk and warm up session from a drama expert before the teams dive head first into the lime light. One team at a time will enter the stage to perform scenes shouted to them from the audience. Extremely Fun, will have your entire team in fits of giggles!