Wellness Session


1 hour

Indoor and Outdoor Remote activity


5 – 40 people in one session

Wellness Session

Program Outline

Get your team to start the day off right by virtually joining our Yoga instructor to practice the art of fine-tuning the energetic body through pranayama, asana (Hatha), mantra, visualization, affirmation and self-awareness. The majority of her classes have a strength building quality, be prepared to sweat.


"Hey Lance! Just a quick well done to you guys as well: was great to have a challenge where Google doesn’t help! And all very well administered."

Leon Lexow, Reinsurance Group of America

“Hi KB and team Thank you so much for hosting and facilitating our teambuilding. It was our first virtual teambuild and we were all very impressed. We genuinely had a great time and will definitely consider Beyond Teambuilding in the future."

Tyron Sneewe , Allan Gray.

“Thank you guys for facilitating, we had a lot of fun! Those funny videos will come in a lot of use! And thank you again for the amazing services, being so friendly and accommodating on such short notice."

Aimi Lasania, Chief of Staff

“Whoopee! What a spoil. Thanks so much. Really going to miss our weekly Lockdown Challenges. Extremely entertaining & such fun. Always got me through "hump day"(Wedneday). You really went the extra mile & Lance our MC was a blast! Hope to see everyone soon. Stay safe, huge hugs to you all"

Sharon, Major Pharmaceutical company.

"As a manager of a very diverse team, I was really stumped as to how to come up with ways to both motivate & inform my team from their new work-from-home environments. We also had new products, strategies and directions of our company due to the evolution during Lockdown. All of this needs reared their heads overnight really! But BEYOND Teambuilding made it all possible - both effortless and a blast!!"

Sandra - Sales Manager - RSA Top 500 Company.

"I really wasn't keen on participating in the Virtual Teambuild activities with my team during Lockdown. But once I got involved and actually experienced it - I absolutely loved it. I feel way more connected to my fellow colleagues and the direction that our company is going during these very uncertain times. A super experience all-round, can't wait to login next week for our next session!!! -

Rajesh - Leading Pharmaceutical Company

“This has been one of the most uplifting sessions to date in our company’s history. Special thanks to Lance for lifting us out of the Lockdown limp that we’ve all been suffering from” – Rashal, MTN staff member “Beautiful work today with the team. It’s wonderful seeing more and more people coming out of their SHELLS in each session.”

Juan, Shell staff member

Hi again and thanks Beyond Team – it gets better and better every week!!! LOVE the video and Lance’s hosting of the Quiz is just excellent!!! Loved today’s team quiz also!! Lots of hard work happening behind the scenes!!! Thanks Steven for all the comms and hands on stuff! This is SO FAR, SO GOOD!!! Let’s keep at it. I do believe it makes a difference to be connected as a team!

Deborah, Manager of major FMCG Company

A HUGE BIG shout out and THANK YOU to the Beyond Team – Our LOCKDOWN Challenge just gets better and better every week!!! From quiz bombs, to creative photo shoots, to laugh-out-loud video challenges, our team has stayed engaged and connected throughout Lockdown, through this innovative and fun gaming app. The entertaining weekly contact sessions (hosted so professionally by Beyond) have been a tangible morale booster, while the WhatsApp chat element enhances the FUN and brings the team together as we make memories across our homes and families that will last forever. In my opinion, lifting spirits in uncertain times creates a crucial cohesion and team synergy making us STRONGER TOGETHER, no matter what….

Wendy from a major pharmaceutical brand

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