When times get TOUGH, specially during COVID19 Lockdown times, your team needs to CONNECT, to be MOTIVATED, to LEARN, be INSPIRED, continue to GROW and to be UNIFIED. We need innovation and to be ready for change. We still all need teambuilding, but not like before… Let BEYOND Teambuilding show you how!

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A person learns more in an hour of play than in a lifetime of work. So we walk the talk. Your team benefits from active and engaging ‘learning and doing’ to show the impact of training.

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Latest Virtual Teambuilds

A state of the art app on your smart phone will guide each team member through a storyline and tasks that will inspire and energise your teams connectivity. Over 50 amazing challenges designed to educate, motivate and push your team Beyond – all crammed into your phone.

Virtual Energising muliformatted quiz. This explosive session will bring your team together and have you running around their houses answering the many different types of questions.

A professional chef will guide you through a cooking Master Class with the ingredients delivered to each delegates house. A final presentation section will ensure this is not just your ordinary cooking class.

The viral TV show brought to your own desk. Simple household items brought to life in 60 second tasks that will have each delegate screaming for more.

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Your team needs a place to play, learn, and unwind. So we take adventure and river rafting to the next level at HADEDA Creek, your home-away-from-home on the Vaal river.

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