A wise man said ‘you only know your limits when you go beyond them.’ So we created exciting and innovative team building challenges. Push past the ordinary and get results with Beyond Teambuilding.

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A person learns more in an hour of play than in a lifetime of work. So we walk the talk. Your team benefits from active and engaging ‘learning and doing’ to show the impact of training.

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Get ready for an experiential exercise like no other with plenty of local flavour. Your team has to work through a series of tasks and activities that result in ‘income’ for your company. The challenge reinforces team strategy, tactics, execution, controls and dynamics.

Create a robot helper that will perform various tasks for your team or create havoc for other teams. Beware of the traps and constantly changing playing field. But most of all, get ready for a powerful debrief that will leave everyone shocked!

Caches must be found, challenges must be completed, and your team must conquer all of the objectives to move forward and be the first team over the finish line with the most accumulated points. Armed with a tablet as your guide, this event includes: Local content based around landmarks, interesting features and facts.

Experiment with a series of Rube Goldberg machine-inspired devices linked together to produce a cool domino effect.

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Your team needs a place to play, learn, and unwind. So we take adventure and river rafting to the next level at Hadeda Creek, your home-away-from-home on the Vaal river.

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