5 Camp Challenge

Teams will participate in a round robin whilst taking part in the very unique 5 camp challenge, namely Adventure Camp, Airventure Camp, Brain Camp, Water Camp and Traditional Camp that can be customized for each setting.

Bring it on!

Heritage Sports Day

Engage and compete in sports from South Africa’s array of different cultures.

Ready Steady!

Bigger Picture

Each team contributes to the bigger picture using creativity, vision, and innovation.

Get Creative!


Caches must be found, challenges must be completed, and your team must conquer all of the objectives to move forward and be the first team over the finish line with the most accumulated points.

Next Level Treasure Hunt!

Lego Build Challenge

Teams complete challenging exercises to access lego plans and build a complete object (helicopter, truck or crane).

Build It!

Manic Motion

Experiment with a series of Rube Goldberg machine-inspired devices linked together to produce a cool domino effect.

Unlock It!

Need for Speed

Teams build, design, decorate and race their carts in this team building experience that has it all.

Fast Enough?


Develop unity in the workplace, learn to listen and create music together as a team.

Feel The Rhythm!

Bubble Soccer

The bumping, rolling, laughter and excitement start as soon as the whistle blows.


Quad Bike Games or Outride

Teams are faced with numerous challenges in relay fashion on quad bikes.


Amazing Races

Test team endurance and coordination and push their limits in diverse local venues from Soweto to Magaliesberg.


Treasure Hunts

Follow the clues to accomplish your team objective of finding the hidden treasure.

Ooooo Shiny!

Summer Games

Keep your team engaged and competitive with slip’ n’ slides, bubble soccer, and other crazy games.


Mission Possible

Let the impossible become possible only as a team of cohesive individuals.

Mission Start!

Ubuntu Challenge

This simulating experiential exercise is the ideal challenge to help teams understand the interaction of strategy, tactics, execution, controls and team dynamics.


Murder Mystery Investigation

Teams gather to investigate a murder mystery and compete for the best CSI team of the day.

Who Did It?

Stay Alive

Teams push their limits and learn a variety of skills to stay alive.

Challenge Accepted?

Survivor Challenge

Teams have the chance to show their true survival instincts in this popular rendition.

Survivors Ready?