Million Rand Moola Drop

Team members work together to keep the million through a series of intense questions.

Show Me The Money!

Minute to win it

Delegates need to focus and cooperate to beat the clock and finish all tasks in under 60 seconds.

Win It!

Music Video Re-creation

Teams use their creativity to re-create and personalise popular and influential music videos.

MTV Undercover?

Variety Show

Get teams to expose their hidden talents/skills in a mash-up of game shows and activities.

3,2,1 Action!

Movie/Ad Maker

Let teams create a showbiz masterpiece with imagination and confidence. Lights, camera, action!

Lights! Camera! ...

Murder Mystery Investigation

Teams gather to investigate a murder mystery and compete for the best CSI team of the day.

Elementary My Dear Watson!

Manic Motion

Experiment with a series of Rube Goldberg machine-inspired devices linked together to produce a cool domino effect.

Move It!

Bigger Picture

Each team contributes to the bigger picture using creativity, vision, and innovation.



Kick off with an energising gumboot performance of rhythmic patterns that involves everyone in the team.

Feel The Rhythm!

Heritage Sports Day

Engage and compete in sports from South Africa’s array of different cultures.

Ready! Steady!

Murder Dinner

Become part of the mystery, interact, and find out the identity of the killer at the dinner table.

Who Did It?

Lego Build Challenge

Teams complete challenging exercises to access lego plans and build a complete object (helicopter, truck or crane).

Build It!

News Room

Build a newsroom, allocate team roles, and source relevant tools to ensure news coverage.

This Just In!

Mission Possible

Learn how the impossible becomes possible only as a team of cohesive individuals.


Animation Station

Each team cooperates to design and create a meaningful stop-start animation film using just clay. Camera, clay, lighting, props!

Animate It!