Team Building

Happy Yappers Animal Sanctuary

These exquisite shelters were constructed and delivered to Happy Yappers Animal Sanctuary NPO 119-872 by Beyond Teambuilding 🐶
The Beyond Teambuilding facilitators had the honour of meeting the puppies and showing them a little love 🐶
Thank you once more to everyone who helped to make this project a reality 🐶

Summer is finally here

Summer is finally here and Beyond Teambuilding is back with another amazing summer challenge. ☀️
Teams will participate in a variety of challenges against one another; the winners of each competition that receives the most points possible will face off against one another once during the outdoor challenges, which will be spread out around the venue’s field. The winners will be declared following the conclusion of the challenge.☀️
Massive shout out to Mount Grace for allowing us to have their stunning gardens as our back drop 😁

Stay Alive rewarding survival experience

Stay Alive is an outdoor adventure that will bring your teams together by testing their limitations and providing a tough but ultimately rewarding survival experience. Every member of your team will learn a range of abilities that will help them find food and water in the wilderness, build a shelter, start and manage a safe fire, and eventually survive and be rescued! Time management, communication, and problem solving will all be involved in the activities and challenges.
Teams will acquire items they must carry with them after finishing each task. These components are required to finish the following stage of the challenge.
A massive shout out to Mabula Lodge for allowing Beyond Team Building to have a successful teambuild on your premises 😁 we all had loads of fun!

Our Beyond team aims to demonstrate the seemingly impossible

How many times have you said to yourself, “Impossible!” It is impossible.
Our Beyond team aims to demonstrate the seemingly impossible through cohesive groupwork. The delegates will form a team, guided by a facilitator, and participate in an event powered by spirit and pure energy.

Culinary teambuilding

Beyond Team Building provides equipment for an Asian-themed restaurant, including a PA system, gas cooker, utensils, and background music. Teams are briefed and given cooking kits from Mystery Boxes. They must prepare an appetiser and main dish, with desserts provided by the restaurant. The teams must present themselves to judges. Our amazing facilitators had a difficult time deciding which restaurant was the best. A huge shoutout to everyone who made this teambuild loads of fun.

What a fantastic day with such a productive teambuilding

What a fantastic day with such a productive teambuilding. At the lovely Valley Lodge and Spa, the Beyond Teambuilding facilitators organized an incredible survivor challenge.


Everyone was divided into teams and given a variety of tasks to accomplish in order to earn team points. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the survivor challenge wins.


The clients and the facilitators had a lot of fun together and laughed a lot. We appreciate everyone who participated in making it a teambuild to remember. A huge thank you to Valley Lodge and Spa for providing the stunning backdrop for our photos.


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Building a team with Digi Hunt is a terrific idea

Building a team with Digi Hunt is a terrific idea. The teams participating in Digi Hunt will be assigned a variety of tasks to try and finish before the clock runs out. A tablet will be available to each team for use while they complete and submit challenges. 🤩